Learning about the Male Panty



Not that long ago, it would have seemed like a joke to hear the words male panty. Who in the world would have thought that anyone would actually create panties that men could wear? After all, aren’t panties made for women? While that may have been true at one point in time, it seems that women no longer have the monopoly on wearing panties. That’s right, guys! You now have access to your very own panties created and made just for you! How cool is that? No one would have ever thought that such a thing was possible even as short a time as ten years ago. Yet, now that the world has moved well into the 21st century, men can purchase their very own panties.

Before the existence of the male panty, men were forced to borrow panties from their wives or girlfriends if they wanted to get in touch with their feminine side. Many times, those panties did not come anywhere close to fitting the right way. Instead, men tended to stretch these panties out to their very last limit and then the wives and girlfriends would get upset because they could no longer wear their panties. Of course, that was only one of the problems with borrowing the panties. Another issue was that the women were going to find out that their men had a thing about wearing panties. This often did not go over very well and ended more than one relationship. 

Now, however, men have the option of buying a male panty privately and one that will fit their size. Not only that, but these panties are made to accommodate that certain part of a man that women do not have. The panties for men don’t run as much of a risk of getting stretched out, either. Nothing has made men that enjoy wearing panties happier than the introduction of male panties. No longer do they have to sneak around to find panties to wear. Now they can simply browse websites that specialize in these items and choose the ones they like the most. Yes, times have certainly changed!




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The Comfort of the Male Panty

Male Panty

The Comfort of the Male Panty

There is a
small group of men, which seems to be getting bigger by the day; that loves
wearing male panty items under their pants. Wearing panties under your pants
can be exceptionally comfortable in ways that you may never have realized
before. Of course, you have to get over the fact that you are wearing something
that your wife or girlfriend is probably also wearing at that moment in time.
The good news is that there are male panties that you can purchase that won’t
make you feel quite as feminine if that bothers you, and allows you to maintain
that amount of manliness you want.

The male
panty items that you can find online and at a few specialty clothing stores
will give you the room you need for certain parts of your body, but still allow
you the comfort of the materials that women’s panties are made from. If you
don’t think you can handle wear something soft and sexy under your pants, then
you should at least give something like this a try just once to prove yourself
wrong. Every guy that wears these types of panties remarks about how much more
comfortable they are during the day, no matter what it is they might be doing.
You should test it out, too.


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Male panty for the beach

Male Panty

If you have
ever wanted to wear a male panty
item to work but were afraid that people would find out about it and ridicule
you for your choice, then have no fear. There is a site online called
Koalaswim.com that will give you options in this area that will have you
walking around that office like you own the place. No one is going to know that
you have them on under your pants unless you actually stand on your desk and
start doing a striptease act right there in front of everyone.

While some men
would be more than happy to do a striptease in their male panty items in front of everyone in their office, there are
still those guys that prefer to keep things like this a secret, even from their
partners. If you are trying to keep something like this a secret from your
partner, though, then good luck to you. Chances are your partner already knows
about it and has probably tried on some of your panties while you weren’t home
anyway. They aren’t going to say anything about that, though, so you can keep
up the façade as long as you want.

reason you have for wanting to wear male
items is not the point, however. The point is you have the right to
choose to wear something in your life that makes you feel good about who you
are. If you don’t take that right seriously, then you are going to end up
missing out on all kinds of things, and that is never good. Give their items a
try and see for yourself why having some sexually explicit secrets are worth
having these days. You just might find out who you really are on the inside,
and that can open up all kinds of opportunities for you to try new things.


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Male panty for the beach or as your undies by koalaswim.com cock play suits

Male panty for the beach or as your undies by koalaswim.com

Tips on Choosing a Male Panty

Tips on Choosing a Male Panty

Biggest tip:

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Thinking of using a male
? If yes, here are some tips that might help you finally close the
deal. At first, I was pretty much like you, quite hesistant to wear something
as absurd as the thought of this panty. I was thinking that it woudn’t look and
feel good on me and why should I wear it when I can perfectly wear other types
of underwear.


But the minute that I finally purchased and wore my male panty for the first time, I
immediately understood what the hype about it is all about. I immediately
figured out that it’s not just like any other panty that women wear because
it’s especially made for guys like us, with a dick and the possibility of it
hardening just about any time of the day.


Other than this, what I love about wearing my male panty is the fact that it’s comfortable. True, at first you
will automatically think that it wouldn’t feel comfortable but it certainly is.
In fact, you’d love to wear it again and again for yourself and would certainly
exchange it for all the other underwear you have at the moment.

Male panty going micro on the beach

Male Panty

It is almost
amazing to think about how many guys out there are looking for male panty
items on Koalaswim.com in order to feel free and happy with their lives. Guys
that are looking for these kinds of items might seem a bit odd to some, but the
funny thing is that most of them are high ranking professionals in the business
world. You can’t walk into any major corporation without seeing at least one
guy wearing these panties under their clothes. Now, they aren’t going to show
you that they are wearing them, but you will know they are.

If you are
curious about wearing a male panty
item, then you should go see what Koalaswim.com has to offer. You are sure to
find at least one item on their website that you will enjoy wearing and, quite
possibly, a lot more than just one. Once you have found your particular item,
you will be more than happy with the way it feels while you are wearing it.
Nothing beats the amount of comfort that you can get from wearing items like
this that you enjoy and Koalaswim.com makes sure you get the quality that you
want for that comfort.

Your choice
to wear male panty items is something
that a lot of guys out there might not understand, but it’s your decision to
make. Regardless of what other people may think about you, you have to be
willing to do whatever it takes to make yourself happy. No one has the right to
tell you that you can’t wear something that you enjoy, especially if it is
being worn under your clothing and no one knows that it is there. You just have
to let go of feeling ashamed and get on with your life so that you can finally
be happy.


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Male panty by koalaswim.com extreme swimwear

Male panty by koalaswim.com