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Wearing male panty items has changed my life quite drastically over the years. The first time I ever wore them for any length of time was the same day that my wife found out about them. She wasn’t all that happy with me to begin with and seeing her husband wearing panties was just too much for her. She left me; not that that is a bad thing mind you. I haven’t heard from her since then so I suppose she was pretty freaked out about what she saw. While it was upsetting when it happened, I have to admit that it was the best change I have ever gone through in my life.

Now I don’t suggest that losing your wife because of wearing male panty designs is a good thing. But for me it sure was. I am able to go out and enjoy my life the way I want to without having to worry about when I need to be home. Or who I might show up at the front door with, which was never another girl. I was the most faithful husband you could ever imagine, but I still needed to get out of the house once in a while to relax.

Since she has left, my male panty items and I have had a lot of parties to go to. We have been able to talk to people that she never would have let me talk to when she was with me. The whole of my existence is better after starting to wear these panties and I wouldn’t change them for the world. If I ever do get married again, it will have to be to someone that understands what it means to be happy in life. They will be more likely to allow me to continue wearing my panties even if they aren’t sure as to why I would choose to wear them.




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Male Panty Parties

Male Panty

Male Panty Parties

As I am
sitting here writing this, I am wearing one of the hottest male panty items you
could ever imagine. Not only does it make me look and feel sexy, but it is also
giving me the opportunity to enjoy things in my life that I never would have
thought of doing before. In fact, just the other day I went to a party that
featured all kinds of different panties that men were wearing and I never would
have done that in the past simply because I never wore panties like this and
let anyone know about it.

The male
panty party that I had gone to allowed me to meet all different types of
individuals that wore panties on a regular basis. Some of these guys were
professionals and CEO’s of major corporations and they all enjoyed the same
thing that I do; wearing panties while they were working. Wouldn’t it be
interesting to find out that all the issues in the world could be turned around
for the better if guys would simply come out and admit that they enjoy wearing
things like this more often? Some things work out for the best when men admit
to their simple fetishes and accept themselves for who they really are after

Male Panty Parties

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