My Wife and the Male Panty

Everything changed for me the day that my wife found me rummaging through her lingerie drawer trying to find a pair of panties that would fit me. That was the day that I began shopping for a male panty that would work for me. Now, to be truthful, my wife had a pretty good sense of humor about it all, but she did suggest that I find my own panties so that I would stop stretching out hers. I had no idea that she even knew that I had been borrowing her panties for some time now. Yes, she did keep that secret out of consideration for my feelings. However, now that the cat was out of the bag, so to speak, she was happy to share her opinion with me.

We sat down with the laptop and she proceeded to show me plenty of web sites where I could find a male panty suited perfectly to my size and body type. Besides, as my wife pointed out, these panties are made specifically for men. What that means is that my package was going to be tucked away comfortably while I got to enjoy the silky sensation of the panties gliding against my bare skin and my penis. I was so excited that she had gone to all of this trouble for me and had actually hunted down these websites, even bookmarking them for me. At that moment, I had to admit that I have the best wife in the world, a comment to which she heartily agreed.

Now that I am shopping for my own male panty products, she and I are both happier. She no longer has to worry about me stretching out her panties and I can find the exact size and style of panty made just for men. In addition, she and I also have a much more open relationship than ever because she knows my secret and wasn’t freaked out by it. She actually thinks it is kind of hot and even buys panties for me once in a while so that I will model them for her. Those are some pretty hot times for us now.


Male Panty Designs and My Unique Personality

Male Panty Designs and My Unique Personality

My male
panty designs are some of the sexiest I have ever worn. Of course, I am going
to say that about anything that I tend to wear as often as I do my panties. You
need to realize that wearing things like this might simply just make you want
to go out in public and show them off. It’s difficult to show off my panties,
though, since I am wearing pants all the time. However, anyone that knows me also
knows that I have no issues with dropping my pants and showing the world what I
have on underneath them.

If you start
getting curious about wearing any kind of male panty designs, you should take a
look online at what all is available. I’m sure there are some stores in your
local area that might have some of these designs available, but you are going
to find a lot more variety by looking online. You will also find pictures that
will help you in picking out the designs that you think will fit you the best.
Plus, the models that are wearing them look a lot better than simply holding
them up to you in a store.


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The world
has a lot of variety in it and wearing a male panty design is just another way
of expressing yourself to the public at large. They may or may not know that
you are wearing something like this, but the sexiness and comfort that you feel
will go a long way towards your personal happiness. You just have to get over
the initial stigmata of a guy wearing panty based designs for his underwear.
Once you realize it’s all about what is comfortable to you, you won’t care so
much about what everyone else thinks if they do happen to see you wearing them
in public.