Learning about the Male Panty



Not that long ago, it would have seemed like a joke to hear the words male panty. Who in the world would have thought that anyone would actually create panties that men could wear? After all, aren’t panties made for women? While that may have been true at one point in time, it seems that women no longer have the monopoly on wearing panties. That’s right, guys! You now have access to your very own panties created and made just for you! How cool is that? No one would have ever thought that such a thing was possible even as short a time as ten years ago. Yet, now that the world has moved well into the 21st century, men can purchase their very own panties.

Before the existence of the male panty, men were forced to borrow panties from their wives or girlfriends if they wanted to get in touch with their feminine side. Many times, those panties did not come anywhere close to fitting the right way. Instead, men tended to stretch these panties out to their very last limit and then the wives and girlfriends would get upset because they could no longer wear their panties. Of course, that was only one of the problems with borrowing the panties. Another issue was that the women were going to find out that their men had a thing about wearing panties. This often did not go over very well and ended more than one relationship. 

Now, however, men have the option of buying a male panty privately and one that will fit their size. Not only that, but these panties are made to accommodate that certain part of a man that women do not have. The panties for men don’t run as much of a risk of getting stretched out, either. Nothing has made men that enjoy wearing panties happier than the introduction of male panties. No longer do they have to sneak around to find panties to wear. Now they can simply browse websites that specialize in these items and choose the ones they like the most. Yes, times have certainly changed!




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Wearing a Male Panty to Achieve World Peace

Wearing a Male Panty to Achieve World Peace

I am a male
panty whore and I enjoy it beyond reason. I can’t really explain how I got
involved in wearing panties made for men, but I can tell you that I will never
again wear any type of underwear that isn’t panty based. I am tired of being
forced into a certain role just because a handful of people believe that is the
only way a man should be. I want to have happiness and enjoyment in my life and
wearing panties gives me both of those things in spades. I also believe every man
should have the right to wear them as he sees fit.

Most guys
think of the male panty fetish as something akin to men wearing their wives
panties for a freaky night of sex. Let me correct that assumption and assure
you that it is much more than that. Sure, I could go into any store in any
city, purchase some panties in the women’s clothing section and be content, but
I want something more. I want panties that are designed specifically for men to
wear while being made the way women’s panties are for their comfort and erotic


If everyone
else got involved in wearing male panty designs, I think this world would
change almost overnight. Instead of all the constant wars and problems that we
are facing these days, guys would be more willing to sit around and just enjoy
life in general while relaxing in their panties. There wouldn’t be any room for
all the bad things that are plaguing us because we would all be too busy trying
to find the next big thing in panty designs to worry about them. Of course that
is just a pipe dream and will never happen, but I would like to think that it would
and I could have been the catalyst for it all.