My Male Panty Fetish


I know that I have a male panty fetish and I am perfectly okay with that. I think that anyone who has a fetish should feel okay with it if they have accepted it as part of their life. I know a few guys that tried to have a fetish, but they couldn’t handle the fact that they enjoyed it so much. They tried their best to deny what they enjoyed and found out the hard way that you can’t do that. It ended up making them feel like they were doing something wrong every time they tried to enjoy their fetish.

My male panty fetish is something that I can accept and feel happy about no matter what I might be doing. I don’t have to wait until I am at home and no one is around to put my panties on so that I can enjoy them. Instead, I can put my panties on and go to work or out for the night and no one has to know anything about it. I get to feel sexy and have some fun while everyone else around me is completely clueless about what I am wearing under my pants. The only issue is if I happen to bring someone home with me. But that person will accept my fetish or not. It doesn’t matter that much to me.

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How many fetishes do you know of that can allow you to enjoy them while still living your life the way my male panty fetish can? Sometimes, you have to look for the one thing in your life that you would probably never try in order to find the one thing that has been missing. That is exactly what I did with wearing panties and I am much happier for it. I may seem odd to a lot of people out there, but anyone wearing male panties knows what it is like for me and they understand how hard it is to give them up completely.


The Male Panty Fetish

The Male Panty Fetish

I have a
male panty fetish that I just can’t get any control over. It’s not like I am
wearing them on the outside of my pants and running down the street scaring
people or anything, but I might as well be at times. It seems like all I ever
do when I am alone is look for new panties that I can purchase and wear every
day. It’s gotten so bad that I don’t have room to store all the panties that I
have purchased over the years. I might end up on one of those shows on TV about
hoarding if I’m not careful.

Could you
imagine being on TV because you hoard male panty designs? I think that would be
almost as embarrassing as being one of those guys that falls in love with
inanimate objects and petitions the courts to get married to them. I hope that
my fetish doesn’t take me down that road any time soon, but I still wish I
could control myself and my incessant need to purchase new panties. Maybe I can
get lucky and find a partner that loves my fetish as much as I am, but is
willing to talk me out of buying five or six pairs a day.


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