Coming out with My Male Panty

Some of the male panty designs that I have seen over the last few months have been fascinating but not something that I think I am ready to wear out in public. I have purchased a couple of them to wear around the house for a bit, and they are extremely comfortable, but I have one of those bodies that probably shouldn’t be seen in something of this nature. I just know that I would end up bending over at some point in time and everyone around me would see that I was wearing panties under my clothes.

The thought of people seeing my male panty design and what they would end up thinking about me is something that I really don’t want to have to go through. I would much rather enjoy my panties on my own where I don’t have to worry about people seeing them. So I tend to wear my panties at home, in my bed, where no one is ever going to see them. Reading that last sentence made me realize just how sad it was that no one was ever going to see my panties, even in my own bed.

Maybe I should focus on getting out there in the world even while wearing my male panty designs and living a little bit. I need to forget about what other people may or may not think about what I am wearing and just be happy for once. If I spend all of my time worrying about what everyone else is thinking, then I won’t be able to go out and enjoy the life I already have. If they don’t like the fact that I am wearing panties, then maybe they shouldn’t be looking down the back of my pants when I am bending over. It’s time for me to go out and have some fun and I am taking my panties with me.


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Male Panty Exhibitionism

Some of the sexiest male panty designs I have ever seen has been worn by a very close friend of mine. It seems like he is always one step ahead of everyone else when it comes to fashion and his panties are by far the sexiest I have ever seen. Of course, he makes it a point to come over to my house and show them off every time he purchases something new. It’s a good thing I enjoy seeing him wearing them, too, because he is always buying something new to wear just so I can see them.

I honestly think he is more into showing me the male panty designs that he keeps finding rather than actually wearing them for himself. I could understand wearing something like this, and I have often wondered why I don’t have any myself, but I don’t know if I could show them off to anyone personally. He seems to get off on it a bit, but I think that I would be too shy to do something like that. If I were to show them off, then they would have to be designs that I wouldn’t feel completely exposed in while I was wearing them.

I have talked to my friend about wearing male panty designs but he seems to think that I wouldn’t find them all that comfortable. I think he just doesn’t want me to get involved in whatever strange little fetish he is enjoying these days. If I was wearing my own panties, then I wouldn’t need to see any of the new designs that he was finding because I would already know about them. That might be one of the only reasons that I would get involved in wearing them even if I didn’t like the way they felt.



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Male Panty Surprises


If you are looking for something new to wear and you want it to be sexy; then try some of the male panty designs that are being created these days. I know that some guys hear the word panty and immediately start thinking about womens thongs and such things, but that isn’t necessarily what these are. In fact, you would be surprised at what some of these designs actually look like if you had never seen them. Some of them may look more like women’s panties but not all of them do. That is the secret of getting you into them for the first time.

Any guy that has a fetish for women’s panties will be more than happy to try on a male panty design to see how they fit. But guys that don’t have that kind of a fetish aren’t likely to wear something of this nature. On the other hand, with some of the designs looking manlier than others, those new guys will find that they can wear something sexy in the bedroom without looking like a complete freak. Although you might find that your partner would like for you to be a freak once in a while to help spice things up a bit in that same bedroom.

Take a chance on these men panty designs and see if there are any of them that you might like to try. You don’t have to forsake all the underwear that you already have for them, but you might find that they are quite exquisite to wear. You may also find that your partner is a bit more agreeable to do all those things you always wanted to do but they kept refusing to do. You never know what kind of changes might be happening in your life after something like this, so try them out and see for yourself.



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Male Panty

Male Panty

Some of the male panty options that I have chosen to
wear in my life are probably not the kind of thing that most guys would have
considered to be appropriate at that time. In fact, I have a special pair of
panties that I enjoy wearing on my first date, which usually ends up in the
bedroom before the end of the night. You can call me a slut all you want, but I
am the one that has a lucky pair of panties that almost always ends up with me
getting laid on the first date.



designs including bikinis,
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When it comes to wearing a sexy male panty design, I
think the higher cuts are way more comfortable. I love being able to pull the
side straps up over my hips and feeling that pull they give between my legs.
The kind that is almost a wedgie, but not as painful as the kind I used to get
in school from all the bullies. I never really like any of those and always
found them to be uncomfortable to say the least, but my panties being pulled up
over my hips give me a sensual feeling and slight stimulation that I simply

I know that wearing male panty designs isn’t for
everyone out there, but I think you should try them on at least once in your
life. I used to wear women’s panties all the time and, while they are
comfortable to have on, they simply don’t feel the same as panties that are
designed for the extra bit of appendage that needs to be in them. Now, I can
have the comfort and sexual nature of women’s panties while still maintaining
the manliness of having my cock bulging in front of me and not running the risk
of slipping out the side or something.

On the Prowl for New Male Panty Designs

On the Prowl for New Male Panty Designs

I have been
looking for some new male panty designs to wear lately and found a site that
was dedicated to bringing new designs to the world. I know that there are guys
out there that feel the exact same way about wearing panties as I do and that
means there has to be some designs that I haven’t seen yet. I just don’t know
where to find them. I don’t even know how to start looking for newer designs
that might be on the market since they all seem to have strange names attached
to them.

The good
news is that I can find male panty designs online so that I can wear them
whenever I want to. Sure, they may not be any different than the basic panty
designs that have been available   for a while now, but the comfort is much more
important if you ask me. I have quite a few panties of my own that I like to
wear and each one of them has its own comfort level that just can’t be ignored.
I have some that I specifically wear to work and I have some that I lounge
around the house in because they have different comfort levels to them.

designs including bikinis,
thongs, micro swimwear, sheer swimwear, micro thongs, jockstrap style suits,
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Once I find
a designer that is making new male panty designs, I do everything I can to make
sure that I am the first guy to buy them. I don’t actually know if I am or not,
but I can pretty much guess that I am the only guy wearing them in my area. It
makes me wonder how many guys out there are actually exploring these panties all
by themselves and how many might be looking for the same designs that I am so
hungry for these days. Maybe someday I will know the answers to those burning questions
but until then, I will simply wearing my panties and be happy with what I have.