Male panty for the beach

Male Panty

If you have
ever wanted to wear a male panty
item to work but were afraid that people would find out about it and ridicule
you for your choice, then have no fear. There is a site online called that will give you options in this area that will have you
walking around that office like you own the place. No one is going to know that
you have them on under your pants unless you actually stand on your desk and
start doing a striptease act right there in front of everyone.

While some men
would be more than happy to do a striptease in their male panty items in front of everyone in their office, there are
still those guys that prefer to keep things like this a secret, even from their
partners. If you are trying to keep something like this a secret from your
partner, though, then good luck to you. Chances are your partner already knows
about it and has probably tried on some of your panties while you weren’t home
anyway. They aren’t going to say anything about that, though, so you can keep
up the façade as long as you want.

reason you have for wanting to wear male
items is not the point, however. The point is you have the right to
choose to wear something in your life that makes you feel good about who you
are. If you don’t take that right seriously, then you are going to end up
missing out on all kinds of things, and that is never good. Give their items a
try and see for yourself why having some sexually explicit secrets are worth
having these days. You just might find out who you really are on the inside,
and that can open up all kinds of opportunities for you to try new things.


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Male panty for the beach or as your undies by cock play suits

Male panty for the beach or as your undies by