Keeping a Male Panty Secret

When it comes to wearing male panty items; you have to understand the idea behind why guys would want to wear something like this in the first place. Most guys that are wearing panties like this have an uncontrollable urge to try something different in their lives. Something that allows them to be comfortable and yet sexy at the same time. Guys know that boxers and things of that nature don’t have the ability to be both comfortable and sexy. In fact, sexy boxers are usually the most uncomfortable things to wear, especially when you have them on at work.

The male panty options are viable for guys that want to have something in their lives that most other guys would never think of having. They don’t understand that there are other options in the world that they can wear and enjoy on a regular basis. Instead, they simply go to the store and buy the same underwear designs that they have been wearing their entire lives. It’s sad when you think about it in those terms. They will never get the chance to explore the world around them with the comfort that these panties can bring to them.

You should realize when you choose to wear male panty items; you probably don’t want a lot of people knowing about them. I have had a couple people at work find out about what I tend to wear under my pants and neither one of them understood why. I have a hard time looking them in the face even today and they found out about my panties almost three years ago. Because of their reaction, I do everything I possibly can to make sure that no one else finds out about them so that I can live my life in peace. Well, in peace and as much comfort as I possibly can.



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Selecting Your Male Panty

Selecting Your Male Panty

Women have had access to panties all of their lives
without ever having to ask. Now, men have this same option with the invention
of the male panty. While there are still many closed minded men that have no
clue what it’s like to wear panties, there are also men that love the way
panties fit their bodies along with the sensation of the material that creates
them. These are the men that decided if they were ever going to have their own
panty style that they would have to produce them on their own.

In no time, there were various styles, colors,
designs and materials that these panties for men could be found in.  All you have to do is know where to look.
Granted, you’re most likely not going to find them in a local shop or store,
but you’ll certainly be able to find them on the Internet at websites that sell
mens specialty items. A male panty would definitely be among these items. You
just need to peruse the various styles to find out which ones you would most
love to own.

Of course, shopping for these items in the privacy
of your home and online will help you to be more selective because you’ll take
the time to really look at them to find the ones you want. That keeps you from
ordering something in a hurry that you never will wear because of some glaring
issue that you didn’t know about when you ordered them. But when you have
someone standing and looking over your shoulder, it’s easy to see how you might
make that very real mistake.

There’s no reason to waste your money like that.
Once you find the color and style that you like, order it. If you keep
returning to look at a particular male panty over and over again, you may as
well admit that it’s speaking to you. That’s the one you definitely want to


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