Are There Really Panties Made for men?

Male Panty

Are There Really Panties Made for

When it
comes to a male panty, there’s a big debate going on about whether these are
even real or not. What that means is that people wonder if there’s actually
panties that are made just for men. Years ago, the answer to this question
would have been a resounding NO! Today, however, the world has evolved somewhat
and is a bit more open minded when it comes to this sort of thing. Does that
mean that now there are panties made just for men? The new answer is probably.
Even though men into cross dressing have always managed to find womens panties
that would work for them, now there are several companies that do market
themselves as making male panties.

In truth,
these panties aren’t really all that different from the women’s styles that you
see. Men have bikini style panties, thong style panties and even a form of
G-string style panties. They’re available in all sorts of hot colors such as
red, black, navy, yellow, green and even pastel pink for those guys that really
want to be in touch with their feminine sides. So while, yes, you do see women
wearing these styles and colors of panties, too, they’re also made just for men
these days.


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One thought on “Are There Really Panties Made for men?

  1. I’m a cross dresser from way back during those years where you had to go buy women’s panties to fit you. Fortunately, I’m not a huge guy so it wasn’t all the difficult to go buy but I’ve got to say that it became a lot easier once I could order them from places like Frederick’s of Hollywood. Some women might have been scandalized back then if they had known, but I also did some discreet shopping at Victoria’s Secret. I would hit the sales like crazy and sometimes I took along a female friend so she could pretend she was doing the shopping and that I was just along to pay for shit. The Internet has made it a lot simpler now to order what I need and want. I can even spend as much time browsing as I want to when I’m shopping for panties. There’s just something about the way they feel against me that is never going to be matched by tightie whities or even boxers. Although, I do have a few pairs of silk boxers that I really like, I still prefer to wear my panties. The thongs are kind of my favorite because they keep everything so snug while teasing my ass. All guys should give panties a try just one time! That’s all it will take.