Tips on Choosing a Male Panty

Tips on Choosing a Male Panty

Biggest tip:

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Thinking of using a male
? If yes, here are some tips that might help you finally close the
deal. At first, I was pretty much like you, quite hesistant to wear something
as absurd as the thought of this panty. I was thinking that it woudn’t look and
feel good on me and why should I wear it when I can perfectly wear other types
of underwear.


But the minute that I finally purchased and wore my male panty for the first time, I
immediately understood what the hype about it is all about. I immediately
figured out that it’s not just like any other panty that women wear because
it’s especially made for guys like us, with a dick and the possibility of it
hardening just about any time of the day.


Other than this, what I love about wearing my male panty is the fact that it’s comfortable. True, at first you
will automatically think that it wouldn’t feel comfortable but it certainly is.
In fact, you’d love to wear it again and again for yourself and would certainly
exchange it for all the other underwear you have at the moment.

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