The Genius of the Male Panty


Men have been wearing panties for years. Whether it was through borrowing their wives’ or girlfriends’ panties, or simply buying their own, this was something that was happening even if the world didn’t know about it. The problem with doing things in those ways is that the wives and girlfriends would often become quite annoyed when they found that their panties were all stretched out and misshapen due to their men wearing them. Not only that, but there could be hell to pay if some of those damaged panties happened to have been new and expensive.


Then, one day in the recent past, some genius designer came up with the idea of creating the male panty. After all, these panties aren’t a lot different from the various womens’ designs that you see sold everywhere that fine lingerie is stocked. There were only a few alterations needed to fit the male body more comfortably. Now, men can shop for their very own panties that come in their sizes and are marketed for men. The only thing that might be the biggest problem is the price. Due to this being a specialty item, the price will definitely reflect that. However, it is not that big of a deal to most men as they’re just grateful to have their own panties.


In addition, the male panty has served to cut down drastically on the arguments between men and women about the men borrowing panties. Now they can have their very own separate drawer of these wonderful and amazing garments. In fact, it may not be all that surprising if the women don’t suddenly start borrowing panties from their men. While these male panties are made in larger sizes to accommodate the man’s body, there are plenty of women in the world that would fit into them nicely.

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