Balancing your Male Panty

Balancing your Male Panty

Having a
male panty fetish is one of those things that you just can’t get over. You are
going to end up finding that there are loads of men wearing panties, but only
the ones with a hardcore fetish can wear the panties that you are going to find
online these days. Of course, if you are going to go down this path, you need
to make sure that you are willing to go all the way with it. That means you are
going to need to pay close attention to your body hair especially if you are
going to show them off to anyone.

Male panty extreme spandex bikinis, thongs and G-strings by

Male panty spandex bikinis, thongs and G-strings by

What you
will find about the male panty fetish is that you can enjoy it no matter where
you might be. That means that you can wear your panties everywhere you go and
enjoy the fetish in all its glory. There are men that tend to wear their
panties while they are working so that they can enjoy their fetish in the
office. Now that is something you can’t do with other fetishes as they tend to
require items that you either have to use without clothing or they are so bulky
that everyone around you will notice that you have something on. You must find
that perfect balance.


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