Male panty fun with extreme micro wear

Male Panty: Say What?!


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I really got so confused when my friend
told me something about a male panty
that he’s been wearing for a month now. I was like in awe at how something like
this is possible and was in even more awe wondering how would a panty look like
on men with our dick and our balls that are far bigger than a woman’s vagina.


So when I got home that day, I immediately
turned on my computer and started my search for male panty and ended up feeling less surprised than I was earlier
on. I mean, yes, it looks exactly like a panty that women would wear but it has
been adjusted to adapt to how it would really look like on men. It’s really a
great opportunity because it’s different and looks comfortable.


So now I’m on the verge of buying my own
pair of male panty and finally
trying what it would feel like to be wearing something like this for good. I
have a feeling that I too will like it just as much as how my friend did and
it’s really going to pave the way for more sexual opportunities that I never
thought is still possible for someone at my age.


Male panty for the beach

Male Panty

If you have
ever wanted to wear a male panty
item to work but were afraid that people would find out about it and ridicule
you for your choice, then have no fear. There is a site online called that will give you options in this area that will have you
walking around that office like you own the place. No one is going to know that
you have them on under your pants unless you actually stand on your desk and
start doing a striptease act right there in front of everyone.

While some men
would be more than happy to do a striptease in their male panty items in front of everyone in their office, there are
still those guys that prefer to keep things like this a secret, even from their
partners. If you are trying to keep something like this a secret from your
partner, though, then good luck to you. Chances are your partner already knows
about it and has probably tried on some of your panties while you weren’t home
anyway. They aren’t going to say anything about that, though, so you can keep
up the façade as long as you want.

reason you have for wanting to wear male
items is not the point, however. The point is you have the right to
choose to wear something in your life that makes you feel good about who you
are. If you don’t take that right seriously, then you are going to end up
missing out on all kinds of things, and that is never good. Give their items a
try and see for yourself why having some sexually explicit secrets are worth
having these days. You just might find out who you really are on the inside,
and that can open up all kinds of opportunities for you to try new things.


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Male panty for the beach or as your undies by cock play suits

Male panty for the beach or as your undies by

Tips on Choosing a Male Panty

Tips on Choosing a Male Panty

Biggest tip:

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Thinking of using a male
? If yes, here are some tips that might help you finally close the
deal. At first, I was pretty much like you, quite hesistant to wear something
as absurd as the thought of this panty. I was thinking that it woudn’t look and
feel good on me and why should I wear it when I can perfectly wear other types
of underwear.


But the minute that I finally purchased and wore my male panty for the first time, I
immediately understood what the hype about it is all about. I immediately
figured out that it’s not just like any other panty that women wear because
it’s especially made for guys like us, with a dick and the possibility of it
hardening just about any time of the day.


Other than this, what I love about wearing my male panty is the fact that it’s comfortable. True, at first you
will automatically think that it wouldn’t feel comfortable but it certainly is.
In fact, you’d love to wear it again and again for yourself and would certainly
exchange it for all the other underwear you have at the moment.

Male panty feels so good!

Male Panty

Any guy out
there that is looking for something sexy to wear needs to pay attention to what
male panty items from
can give to them. There is nothing better than being able to slide on a pair of
sexy panties and walk around like nothing is different, and these panties will
be able to keep that sexy secret that you love so much. There is nothing better
in the world than having the ability to wear something so sexy without anyone
knowing the truth of where that sexiness is actually coming from.

How many
times have you looked at your underwear and thought that wearing male panty items from
could end up changing your life forever? Well, if you have been thinking along
those lines, then maybe it is time for you to go out into the world and see
what they have to offer. You could just end up finding a whole new you in the
process. Who out there wouldn’t want to find a different aspect in their life
in order to see the things that they could become? There are few guys in the
world that wouldn’t want to change at least one thing about their lives. Wearing
male panty items like the ones that
you can find on could just give you the break you have been
looking for. Maybe it is time for you to try something extra sexy in order to
see how you could be living your life to the fullest.


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Male panty gear by

Male panty gear by