Male panty to the extreme

Male panty designs can by sexy and male panty designs can be erotic. At times you find male panty designs that are not only both sexy and erotic but hightly stimulating. I thought I would post a photo of one of the mens swimwear Ballistic suits. Just one look and you can see all the trouble waiting for you in this most extreme male panty.


Male panty to the extreme

Male panty rear shot

Male panty


Like most men who are into wearing male panty designs I like to post photos of me in some of my male panty favorites. Just the words male panty gets my bulge filled and wet. Hope you like this shoot of me from the rear. As you can see it shows a very nice male panty bulge. This is a suit from my Mens swimwear collection.

Male panty male chastity

Just the thought of wearing my favorite male panty designs gets me wet. When I slip on a male panty one that fits around my cock like a second skin the pre-cum happens almost instantly. The male panty rubbing against me gets me hard and there have been times that I have had a full orgasm. Wearing my favorite sheer male panty under my work clothing makes my day just a little more exciting. Though I would share a photo of me wearing a new male chastity cage I ordered from Koala mens swimwear, fetish panties and chastity products. I have been forced to wear this for days at a time. Taking it off for supervised showers.